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Life Changing Summer

The Camp Chautauqua internship program is here to provide a hands-on learning experience with the opportunity to join in raising up the next generation of leaders. This 10-week program provides an experience that is both structured and intentional for each individual with both Biblical discipleship and leadership training.  Working at Chautauqua provides memorable, measurable, and meaningful experiences as you have the opportunity to be a part of inspiring generations to know, love, and serve Christ. 


Senior Interns

Our Senior Internship Program is designed to train college students to grow in spiritual maturity while being equipped with leadership skills, purposeful community, and a deeper understanding of Christ. Our intern positions empower young adults to grasp, utilize, and enlarge their God-given talents, gifts, and interests as they are immersed in Christian camp ministry. Alongside intentional discipleship and our spiritual curriculum, Senior Interns will serve as mentors to our junior interns. 


  • Must have a high school degree or equivalent

  • Must live on Chautauqua's campus

  • 10 week commitment required for summer interns

  • 5 days a week

  • Pastoral reference required

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Junior Interns

Our Junior Internship Program is designed for high school students who are at least 16 years old. Our Junior Interns will spend their summer learning, growing, and being stretched before being launched into their college experience. Our Junior Interns will be mentored by our Senior Interns in order to arm them with Christ-centered leadership skills, intentional community, and our spiritual curriculum. 



  • Must be at least 16 years old

  • 10 week commitment required for summer interns

  • Minimum of 3 days a week

  • Reliable transportation to and from work

  • Pastoral reference required

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Volunteers keep this ministry going. We have many people volunteer throughout the summer within recreation, food service, and landscaping. Join in on the efforts while you're investing in a place that impacts thousands of lives for Christ by considering some of the opportunities below. 

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