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To whom it may concern,

The safety and security of our guests is our top concern.  We have taken extra precautions in relation to COVID-19 to help ensure that we mitigate as much risk as possible for campers, counselors, and staff.   We have been safely operating as a camp and conference center for decades and we will continue to do what is best for students as we weigh the risk associated with COVID as health and well-being of students who have experienced extended isolation with little to no human interaction with others.  

We are aware of no positive cases of COVID this entire year until July 1st.  From June 28th – July 2nd we hosted a camp on our campus which included churches from surrounding areas.  On Thursday July 1st an individual tested positive for COVID and we immediately had the person quarantined off campus.  In addition, we initiated diligent monitoring of the rest of the group for symptoms and began temperature checks of individuals associated with that group.  We also performed temperature checks and COVID tests for our staff after receiving the news of this single positive case.  We informed all group leaders for that week that there had been positive cases and confirmed that individuals were taking the necessary steps to help mitigate the spread.

Since then, we have had regular contact with the individual group leaders and can confirm that they are taking necessary precautions.   We have been encouraged by the level of concern and response to any known positive cases from their week of camp.  We have also been working in concert with health department officials representing several counties that had groups on our campus that week.  It is also important to note that we have had no other positive cases for guests on our campus since July 2nd.  


Jason Harmeyer

President / CEO

Chautauqua Camp and Conference Center

Helpful Links

As the ongoing COVID-19 situation continues, we wanted to provide links to some helpful information to stay up-to-date with the most current information. Please check out our Facebook page for the latest updates as well. 

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